About EterSec


EterSec is an Anonymous collective based on cooperation and diversity. In the information age, we cannot isolate ourselves, we must unite in the collective construction of a freer future.

Like other Anonymous collectives, EterSec is geared towards Hacktivism. Our focus of action is to work on the balance between Hacktivism and digital activism, as we believe that every action must be well defined and exposed, so that the public and those who support the movement understand the purpose of the operations.

We at EterSec understand that justice in Brazil is something for few, as we live in a country with a high level of social inequality, with major education problems and lack of basic sanitation.

Within this perspective of reality, we face a mobilization to try to bring light to these problems and seek ways to mitigate or even correct them. It is good to remember that we are not representatives or even a spokesperson for the Anonymous idea, we are just a group of people with different backgrounds who have come together to make something real for the world.

We want to create a culture of independence and emancipation, as opposed to the paternalism of the state, parties and other vertical structures. We want people to be free. Including, that they are free to question the positions of Anonymous themselves, as freedom is the principle of emancipation.