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Operations 5 de Out de 2021 ES BR

After our recent action on the corruption central called FIB Bank, and our posterior investigations, we have located some more fake banks that appear to be in the same kind of coup.

One of the companies that got letters of guarantee from FIB Bank is called "FastTur". One simple search, nowadays, confirms the amount of complaints about a possible pyramid scheme by the company. The scheme was being recommended by investment consulting companies like "Nova Consultoria" - that states to have called off the partnership - and has been highlighted in the news for fooling famous people, like the reserve soccer goalkeeper of SPFC, Lucas Perri ( and the BBB ex participant Felipe Prior (

When a public figure is exposed in the media, he or she has much more access to ways of having a more comfortable lifestyle than most of the population. But how many unknown working mothers and fathers weren't cheated by this company and deposited the savings of a lifetime expecting some financial feedback?

Some more research and it is possible to verify that several fake banks appear on the countless disputes against "FastTur". Besides the over mentioned Marcos Tolentino's "FIB Bank", we find the "analysis Bank" owned by the lawyer Claudio Poltronieri Morais. We paid a "visit" to the site of this fraudulent company and collected all letters of guarantee - about 700 - as well as the whole database which are already available at our site.

More research and We find two other fake banks, whose websites were developed by the same programmer that created the site of "Analysis Bank". Those are "Alba S.A." and "Alphabank". Both sites seem to belong to the same company, with two diferent names. Even more, "Analysis" appears as one of the brokers of "Alpha/Alban".

"Alpha" also has countless letters of guarantee issued to "FastTur's" scheme. The values issued exceed millions of "reais" - (Brazilian currency).

Journalists will like to know that hundreds of contracts with the government were signed by both fake banks. Including the president. The databank of both companies as well as letters of guarantee issued by them are available for any citizen to access in our website.

And here We start in the guarantee that "Alpha/Alphabank" grants unwittingly in this letter. This guarantee has for recipient the Brazilian population. Each man, each woman, each child, each person. It's the guarantee that this group will continue acting for those who no longer have a voice to shout, to protest. On behalf of each father that was stolen. On behalf of the people who should be protected by their representatives in the executive instead of being extorted with consent of the authorities. on behalf of each single mother who gave her money in the hands of corrupt businessmen and lawyers in an attempt to better their lives in the midst of one of the major crises in the history of the country. An engineered crisis.

To the incapable judges who try to bring the scammers to justice and cannot find them: follow the yellow brick road built by the lawyers who signed the letters of guarantee.

And one conclusion we can draw from all the latest events. To end corruption has never been a worry of the actual government.

That's our concern.

Check out the leak:


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