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The origins of the word anarchy go back to an ancient Greek word, “anarkhia” which means, in loose translation, “without leaders to govern”, which is far from the chaos that people imagine when they hear about anarchism. Nothing more different from reality. Anarchy is nothing more than taking the responsibility to manage your own life without interference from others.

For those who think that an anarchist society is synonymous with “life in turmoil”, an example of how we can live without governments, any kind of hierarchy and with tacit laws of good coexistence, is the Trumbullplex community in Detroit. . Decisions are made by everyone, the economy is self-regulating (we don't need Federal Reserve! Bitcoin is there and will revolutionize the world) and people do what they like and don't have to be accountable to anyone but themselves. If there are excesses, the community, collectively, can decide to condemn an individual to ostracism, that is, to exclude him from social life. That is enough!

Another example of an anarchic structure that is present in everyone's life is the Internet. The network is the first and greatest anarchist experiment of all time. No government rules and regulations. And it was a revolution on planet earth! It's the democratization of information, it's the blatant improvement in small and large processes. It can be said that there is a world before and after the internet. And it was created collectively for the collective. The countries that regulate the internet, cannot use its full potential, falling behind in a dark age that only government influence brings!

Attempts to “rule” the network in the western world are fiercely rebuffed by societies. Even the staunch critics of anarchism enjoy the benefits of the internet. The internet also gave rise to Bitcoin, an online currency created and managed collectively, not being subject to the rules of any central bank (FED), responding only to the universal laws of supply and demand. Anonymously, without accountability to governments, you can buy and sell on the internet using Bitcoin, which is increasingly accepted on the web. We believe that online currency will be the next revolution in our lives. Money without rules, without the need for conversions and, above all, without following the rules and impositions of the existing central banks out there. An anarchic currency, without institutional ownership, belonging to humanity and which will inexorably come and change the world. Another widespread error is to think that anarchy is the same thing as socialism. It is not! As much as some precepts can be exercised and linked to ideology, anarchism cannot be called a socialist ideology. Socialism is just another form of domination, centralized and exercised by a politburo. Anarchy is not a capitalist democracy either!

Centralized economies, governed by politicians, who dictate the rules that society must follow... Why should there be people managing people? To crudely lead economies and collective directions? And always corruptly? For any kind of power, of domination over the other, it goes hand in hand with corruption! Anarchism is democracy in its purest form, in which everyone decides and no one orders anyone else. Anarchy, that is, the world without governments, borders, churches, police and armies, will be the new great leap in human evolution.

A world in which everyone practices self-management, in which activities are governed by common sense and not by laws created by whoever. Just as we once left the absolutist monarchies behind to adopt capitalist democracies, one day we'll live in anarchy, even if I'm not here to see it.


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EterSec is an Anonymous cell based on collective actions and diversity. In the information age, we cannot isolate ourselves, we must unite in the collective construction of a freer future.