Anonymous, the revolution.

News 15 de Nov de 2021 ES BR

This is a message for the followers of the Anonymous ideal, as well as for those who interpret the acts done in the name of the ideal as useless or ineffective.

Society, in general, misinterprets the terms, often due to a lack of understanding of the theme, and sometimes due to the concept formulated by the media. Starting from this principle, we can imagine that the actions taken by any collective, whether linked to the ideal or not, will be understood by an image already conceptualized, which leads to a misinterpretation of the acts done, whether by a DDOS, by a defacement, by an exposure of data (exposed), or simply an invasion for data collection. As we are talking about actions in the social sphere, we must remember that all actions are based on a logic and a social cause, far from something particular or without a logical foundation.

All this practice is based on the union of street movements, which took the activism to the digital environment, readjusting the actions that they already did in the streets to the digital media environment. This fusion originates with the union of cyberactivists and hackers, and the concept of hackactivism emerges. The Anonymous collective will be based on this social and activist principle in the virtual environment, taking actions to bring voice to society, serving as a social support front for noble causes in general, remembering that the initial goal is to work on the critical reflection of the social being, to understand the reality in which he lives and, based on this principle, be able to build mechanisms to change his reality.

One of the pillars of Anonymous is to work towards the deconstruction of concepts, aiming to bring about a change in mentality, so that people can think for themselves, and from this, have the capacity to reflect about their reality and their life, and, therefore, determine their future in their own way. We must break away from the acceptance of an already imposed reality, which you are supposed to follow, and develop capabilities for your own paths. Anonymous has no representative, no owner, no central leader. It is an idea that can be followed by anyone, without distinction. To join, it is not necessary to ask permission or go through any kind of selection process, just understand the objectives of the ideal and start following its principles.

Within the Anonymous milieu there are a few definitions:

Activist: Those who wish to show the truth behind everything, this can be accomplished through Anonymous, or through fights such as the animal cause, black lives movement, feminist movement, among others. The main place of action is in the streets, through direct actions, artistic manifestations, and in the diffusion of ideas - sticking up lambes, pamphleting, graffiti.

Cyberactivist: Those who move actions and protests in digital media, organizing meetings, demonstrations, protests in social networks, forums and the like. In addition, they carry out actions in digital media, displaying documents and producing content for social reflection.

Hackativist: These are people with specific knowledge in the field of technology, who organize themselves to carry out actions and obtain documents, by hacking into the servers of companies or government entities, to expose acts of corruption, injustice, and criminal actions. Certain cells hack servers to show the truth behind everything. Hackativism is a weapon used by Anonymous, where we show our revolt against the current system, which gives us the false sensation that everything is fine, when in reality we are subjugated and subjected to the commands and orders of a minority that does not care about the welfare of the population.

Free yourself, join the fight!

Anonymous does not attack without a purpose, Anonymous is not a group of hackers, it is an idea, and behind that idea is a purpose. Anonymous is an idea to be followed and spread. Hacking/hackativism is just one of our tools, which many don't know, and that is why they think we are a hacker group. The big problem, is that many have corrupted the idea, with self fame/ego, or also fakes-anons, profiles that call themselves Anonymous, but do not follow the ideal, these give a wrong impression of what is in fact the ideal.

This must stop!

We are an idea. An idea that cannot be contained, persecuted, or imprisoned. As long as there is injustice there will be Anonymous. You can't put handcuffs on our ideas.

Ideas are bulletproof.

We have no leaders, we follow no political parties, no religious orientations, no economic interests, and no ideologies of any kind. Once again: Anonymous has no leaders, if anyone tells you that they represent or lead Anonymous, they don't know the idea.

Let's fight together for a more just and free society! Down with all authority!

We are Anonymous;

We are many;

We do not forget;

We do not forgive;

Stand for us.


EterSec English

EterSec is an Anonymous cell based on collective actions and diversity. In the information age, we cannot isolate ourselves, we must unite in the collective construction of a freer future.