Bloody Harvests

News 16 de Dez de 2021 ES BR

Since colonization until now, agribusiness follows an immense line of irresponsibility in various sectors. According to the website Brasil de Fato, it consumes 70% of the planet's land and water resources, produces only 30% of the world's food, and is responsible for 40% of the actions responsible for the greenhouse effect. However, despite the evils, there is still a thought in society that agribusiness is something beneficial and that it is a strong economic engine for the country. In a logic of large-scale production of monocultures with intense use of pesticides, deforestation, and land grabbing, agribusiness endangers both the fauna and the flora, and we cannot fail to mention man himself. The flora is directly attacked with actions that aim at deforestation, which seeks a clean land for planting. The fauna is also attacked, animals end up dying, and those that survive change their habitat, which causes environmental imbalance.

The person who causes these evils, man, also suffers with such acts. This historical line of insensitivity towards society and its individuals becomes explicit when we see that even today, agribusiness is the one that has the most cases of people living in regimes analogous to slavery. Each year the list of places with rescued workers is longer, and when there are no rescued workers, the workers have almost no rights. With the increasing reduction of labor rights, the agribusiness is revealing its real face, the one that did not end with the "heroic" white act of 1888. The illegal occupation of indigenous lands is another problem to be faced, because, unfortunately, the white man persists in attacking the native peoples. The number of murders of indigenous people in 2020 increased by 63% over the previous year. Because of this, to help our native peoples we have "Operation Anhangá". Both fauna and flora are in the sights of agribusiness, which does everything it can to increase profitability.

The mercantilism and expansionism of this sector makes that all those who go against its evil ways to obtain profit are seen as enemies to be fought, such as environmental preservation NGOs, political groups and indigenous peoples. The latter are against uncontrolled deforestation and excessive use of pesticides, because they know that their relationship with fauna and flora is the most destructible possible. The irregular use of "pesticides" damages the quality of the soil, making it infertile for this monoculture in the long term. With this, he begins to look for new "virgin" soils to carry out his monoculture again. Besides the above, the unbridled use of pesticides has developed pests that are practically impossible to fight without the use of these poisons, and because of this, even family farmers need to use such products to achieve a pest-free plantation.Agribusiness is bathed in the blood of fauna, flora, and society. It is linked to crimes against human rights and human health.

It is one of the main culprits in our country for the continuous increase of CO₂ rates in the atmosphere. Despite the facts, politics that could be one of the solutions to many of these problems ends up colluding with all of them. The corruption that will be exposed with this new operation, which we have decided to name "plantation of blood", will reveal how big businessmen manage to sabotage everything and everyone in order to achieve profit. This profit carries in its history a lot of blood, and we will go to the end to expose every drop of it, be it from the fauna, the flora, or from society. The history of agribusiness in Brazil is mixed with the history of the country, making it a symbol of power and wealth, which can be a strong ally for those who benefit from it.

The structural alliance between the current government and the businessmen of the sector is proving to be increasingly notorious and beneficial for these two parties, where the State turns a blind eye to the crimes committed while the other party provides a kind of support army. This relationship completely excludes the wishes of the people who want a decent job, who want to stop having to buy bones in a butcher shop, who want to be respected. The Brazilian government has only one concern, and it is not the population, their ambition, it is power. We will show who are the faces behind agribusiness, who are hiding behind "Agro is Pop, Agro is Tech, Agro is Everything".


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