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"We ask you with insistence: never say "this is natural" in front of the events of each day. In an age where confusion reigns, where blood runs, where disorder is ordered, where arbitrariness has the force of law, where humanity dehumanizes (...) never say: that's natural, so that nothing becomes unchangeable."

- Bertolt Brecht.

Much has been discussed about the difficulties that the Brazilian population goes through since the candidacy of a genocide to the Brazilian government, the false messiah, Jair Bolsonaro. In this present text we will address how a president sank a country, putting it in misery and risking lives with irresponsible measures during a pandemic. We will show how the progressive growth of far-right ideologies took place, responsible for generating decisive factors for the popularization and respective election of Jair Bolsonaro in 2018. With the coup suffered by the former president Dilma Rousseff, we saw the interests of the subordinate classes being increasingly pushed to the bottom of the well, with the inauguration of Michel Temer, applying measures that scrapped public institutions. With the candidacy of Bolsonaro these policies were being increasingly implemented.

For years we have watched with mistrust the political regimes put in place in traditional institutions, observing every politician, mandate, project, law, attitude and speeches that may threaten to hurt our rights and the constitution. Jair Bolsonaro's government has been proving what we already expected since his election, his incompetence in managing a nation, in view of the irresponsible actions he has been taking during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the various budget cuts that have seriously affected essential areas for the welfare and development of the country. In order to understand how the actions and measures taken by the current government have seriously affected the population, we first need to look at the events that led to its coming to power, and how the growth of conservatism in recent years paved the way for the situation we find ourselves in today.

The conditions under which the June days took place, and the decisions made by the left in this period, directly influenced the development and success of the new wave of conservatism that arose parallel to these events. The leftist movements, in the famous every man for himself, seeing the opportunity to put their tariffs into play due to the fall in popularity of the political party PT, ended up transforming the political situation into a soccer field, in a supposed dispute over land, not paying attention to the movements that were occurring at that moment, making cooperation among the other layers of society impossible. The existing difficulty in unifying the left-wing movement occurred due to the friction of ideas within the movement itself, one of the impasses of these relations was the lack of a sense of criticality towards its actions. These problems, which caused the loss of unity of the leftist movements, continue to be one of the biggest challenges until today.

This moment of contradiction made them lose their focus on the mobilization of the population, of agendas that demanded labor rights, giving way to the demands of neoliberal interests. The neglect of radical leftists who underestimated the movements of the right and their capacity for persuasion - because they believed that their demands would not be taken seriously - prevented them from evaluating the possibility of growth and advance of neoliberal ideas and, therefore, forming opposition to this new ideal. Faced with the notable weakness of the left and the lack of attention to the growth of opposing forces, the right had the perfect opportunity to conquer the people and promote their ideals. One way of conquering this space was through the propagation of false news in order to damage the opposition and undermine their confidence and their respective electorate.

As a consequence, adding all these factors together, it was possible to initiate the rise of Bolsonaro and subsequently his election.

After 13 years of the Workers' Party (PT) government, a negative image of him was created due to several corruption scandals, involving Petrobras, the "triplex," the impeachment of then-President Dilma Rousseff, and the arrest of former President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva months before the 2018 elections. All these factors added to the misinformation of the population, contributed to this negative image gradually taking shape. The PT was linked as a party of "thieves" by the mainstream media, a fact that generated widespread thinking that proved crucial for Bolsonaro's arrival in the second round and his victory - consequently the dominance of the right in parliament.

Aware of this, the right wing used this situation to promote the image of Jair Bolsonaro, as a messiah, someone capable of beating the opposition candidates, as the only way to save the nation from corruption and stop a supposed "communist threat", using the discourse of defense of the traditional family and good morals. Bolsonaro saw his popularity increase when he suffered an attack during the electoral race on September 6, 2018, eventually gaining the solidarity and empathy of those who were not yet part of his electorate. Since the beginning of his government, Bolsonaro has made large budget cuts in areas that were already lagging, especially education, science, and the environment.

Continuing Michel Temer's policies of scrapping these areas. Education is the most affected, damaging public schools and universities with the amendment No. 90 which aims to freeze investments in public educational institutions, including indigenous and quilombolas. The Ministry of Education (MEC) had a reduction of almost R$5 billion, but this was not the only reduction. Due to the cuts, less than half of the resources planned for 2021 will be applied by the MEC in 2022. Besides the cuts made, projects such as Futura-se, designed by former Minister Weintraub, with the objective of privatizing universities in order to hand them over to business interests, so as to further commercialize Brazilian academic education. However, this project was severely criticized by student organizations. However, today the universities are undergoing strong government intervention to continue the privatization project from the inside out.

As if that weren't enough, the president shows great ability when it comes to disregarding life and disrespecting human rights. Since his victory at the polls, he has been proposing changes and projects that worsen the genocide that the indigenous people have suffered for years, making it difficult to demarcate lands and gradually reducing the area of already demarcated lands. He has already shown interest in the expansion of agribusiness into indigenous territories, as well as advocating the opening up of these territories for mining. The truth about an incompetent and genocidal president has come to light. His hate speeches, his negativity and his failed attempts to govern a country were factors that contributed to his loss of popularity and decadence, as we will explain later.

Given the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and its urgency, the preventive measures against the virus should have been taken in advance and given due attention, but the president besides refusing to create a specialized group for this purpose, also denied the purchase of vaccines with proven effectiveness. Not content with such neglect, the president was more concerned with supporting a proven ineffective and harmful treatment for the population, than with supporting the people in overcoming the pandemic. Thus, the president avoided following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) in making lockdowns and social distancing. Unfortunately, these attitudes had catastrophic effects, contributing to the increase in the number of transmissibility and the high rate of those infected with the virus. Such facts proved crucial for Bolsonaro to lose credibility with his electoral base and the general population.

Not only negationist, Bolsonaro also presented hate speeches directed to minorities, using pimp language, demonstrating an inadequate posture for a president. Phrases like, "Private property is sacred. We have to classify as terrorists the actions of these criminals. Invaded? It's lead!", "The dictatorship's mistake was to torture, not kill" and "A woman must earn a lower salary because she gets pregnant. When she comes back (from maternity leave), she will have another month of vacation, that is, she worked five months in one year" are examples coming directly from the mouth of the current president. Phrases like these not only direct hatred toward specific groups, but also disrespect human rights. In this way his supporters have become even more restricted, contributing even more to his loss of popularity.

In view of everything exposed here, it is clear that in the last three years, Bolsonaro's intention has never aimed at the welfare of the population. On the contrary, he only defended the interests of a bourgeois minority and the defense of an increasingly unequal and exclusive system. We must be aware of what ideals are being defended by those in power. Without any kind of left-wing unity on the horizon, it is entirely possible that more far-right candidates and movements , such as B38 and Ucraniza Brasil, may arise and come to power.

We do not forget.

We do not forgive.

Wait for us.


Dates of use: 20/12/2021

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