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Leaks 19 de Jul de 2021 ES BR

The world is closely following the investigations and testimonials at the Congress Investigating Commission about the overpriced purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin. The businesswoman Emanuela Medrades testified at the Congress to clarify the data obtained regarding the procedure for purchasing the vaccine and the documents presented. Through the senator of Rio de Janeiro, Flávio Bolsonaro, on October 13, 2020, there was a video conference between the CEO of Precisa Medicines and Global Saude, Francisco Maximiano, and the president of BNDES (National Development Bank), Gustavo Henrique Moreira Montezano, who happens to be childhood friend of the Bolsonaro's family.

Emanuela Medrades

At the time, Montezano formally represented one of his companies, Xis Internet Fibra. Danilo Fiorini also participated, described as the company's “CEO” and the allegation was that Xis Internet Fibra was seeking investment. The reason for senator Flávio Bolsonaro to participate in the meeting was not clear and does not appear in the records of the transparent publication of the agenda on the BNDES website, in addition to the fact that there is no procedure between BNDES and the company Xis Internet Fibra. As it's being ascertained, the contract for the purchase of vaccines involved the Brazilian Ministry of Health, under the management of former-Minister General Eduardo Pazzuelo, the company Precisa Medicines, and the Indian pharmaceutical company Barath Biotech.

The Precisa company has become the main target of investigation at the Congress since congressman Luis Miranda stated that his brother Luis Ricardo, who is head of import at the Ministry of Health's Logistics Department, came under pressure to approve the company's contract worth 1.6 billions of reais, for the purchase of 20 million vaccines from COVAXIN (Barath Biotech). Even with the vaccine not having been approved by ANVISA (the Brazilian equivalent to FDA), the federal government quickly mobilized to purchase the 20 million doses, including having President Jair Bolsonaro called the Indian Prime Minister stating that the purchase of Covaxin was one of the priorities of the Brazilian government.

While negotiations with Pfizer took 330 days, agreements with Covaxin took just 97 days. As if the purchase of an immunizing agent not approved by Anvisa was not enough, irregularities in the contracts with Covaxin were evidenced through the testimony of Congressman Luis Miranda and Luis Ricardo Miranda. Each dose of the vaccine would be purchased for R$ 80.70 (US$ 15,00), 1000% more expensive than the contract announced by the manufacturer six months earlier, thus being the most expensive vaccine purchased by the Federal Government. Precisa Medicines, with this contract, would have ended up earning R$ 1.6 billion. And the person responsible for mediating the contract is Francisco Maximiano, who went in person to the Brazilian embassy in India in New Delhi to defend the purchase of vaccines. The contract was cancelled, after the repercussion in the news.

Just a day later, Bolsonaro contacted the Indian prime minister. According to Luis Ricardo Miranda's testimony to the Congress, he and his brother personally notified Jair Bolsonaro of the contract fraud. The president stated that the issue was very serious and mentioned that this would be "Ricardo Barros' thing", his government leader in the Congress. Bolsonaro also told the brothers that he would call the Federal Police to investigate the case, but nothing was done until the day the Miranda brothers testified. Thus, Bolsonaro can be incriminated for malfeasance, when a member of the public machine fails to perform its function or remains silent in the face of an illegality due to his interests.

We were able to access the BSFSAÚDE system - where data from Precise Medicines and Global Saude are located. Here are some screenshots of the system, we have documents and data, we will soon give you more information. The truth must be exposed at any cost.

Link DB - https://doxbin.org/upload/EterSecOpBrasilDBLEAKEDBSFSAUDE


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