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Operations 11 de Jan de 2022 ES BR

Greetings, Brazilian citizens. Greetings, citizens of the world.
For a long time ecology, sustainability and concern for human rights have become just another way to increase the profits of exploiters, without any real concern for the environment or the human beings who actually work to produce goods for their masters. Thus, phenomena such as Greenwashing were born.
This association certified the quality of Fazenda Floresta's products. When it was the target of a report on the slave labor that enriched the farm's owner, Mr. Guilherme Sodré Alckmin Júnior, BSCA absolved itself of any responsibility, saying that its certification only covered the goods.

BSCA's internal system, on the other hand, still shows the Rain Forest Alliance certificate for the farm, an association whose quasdirector, Vanuza Nogueira, is a BSCA member: .

The last association has many accusations around the globe for certifying landowners who enslave workers and commit environmental crimes.
We will not allow associations that claim to control and certify this kind of abuse against the most basic human rights to omit themselves and help increase the profits of SLAVERY in the 21st century.
If these associations had any concern for the consumers of the products certified by them, their seal should tell the truth:


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