Dictatorship - Never Again

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The military regime was installed on March 31, 1964 and had as its main argument a communist threat in the country. Military members opposed to João Goulart's government ousted the then president and took power in a coup. The government led by the Armed Forces lasted 21 years and implemented a dictatorial regime. The dictatorship restricted the right to vote, popular participation and violently repressed all opposition movements. In a dictatorial system, individual liberties are largely restricted and what becomes sovereign is the interest of the state. If you don't know your past, you are bound to repeat it. Those who resisted the imposed regime automatically became terrorists and their subversive acts were not agreeing with the regime's violent practices, not condoning the anticultural, and opposing the practices of censorship in the artistic, cultural, educational and manifesto environments.

Censorship then became the mainstay of the regime. These "terrorists" were merchants, teachers, students, journalists, mothers, priests and much of civil society in general. The annulment of collective and individual social rights started countless arbitrary arrests, disappearances of people, torture, murders, attitudes that became part of the daily life of Brazilian society. Today, there is nothing to celebrate, the specter of the communist threat is still a weapon used by leaders who follow denial and the search for absolute power. Using the motto "law and order" to mask fanaticism, intolerance and violence. Still, these ideas are major threats to the Democratic rule of law. For the time being, we must consider that such actions taken by the State must be analyzed so that a rupture between the powers does not occur. If the idea of ​​a communist threat still haunts the imagination, despite having never happened, be aware that the past does not become the present, observing and fighting the opening mechanisms for the military coup. Finally, this "event" based on a false attempt at order that would last only a few days became 21 years, with financial, health, education and psychological consequences as a society until today.


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