Exposed - Roadkill from Recife

Operations 5 de Out de 2021 BR ES

According to Fabiana Moraes, a columnist for "The Intercept", a Jeep model Renegade ran over a woman during protests against Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro, on October 2nd. Witnesses say the driver was armed.

Some medias pointed to the fact that there was a candidate to the job of city ​​councilor in Recife, born on the same day and month. One detail: We were unable to locate anyone with the same name born in 1973. Could be a mistake by TRE (Brazil's elections tribunal) or plain fraud. The  city councilor run for office through a political party called PSC which translates to Social Christian Party.

The data for the vehicle's owner, born in 1983, are bellow. There aren't any fire arms legally registered to the "Individual Taxpayer Registration" number of the car's owner.


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