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News 28 de Set de 2021 ES BR

Greetings Citizens of Brazil, Greetings Citizens of the World

Prevent Senior, a self-styled health "operator" and supposed company providing private health plans for the elderly, belonging to the brothers Eduardo and Fernando Parrillo, is now one of the highlights at the CPI, as a protagonist in the genocidal plan of the Bolsonaro government. Their criminal actions manage to surpass, in a level of monstrosity and inhumanity, as denial and irresponsible actions – which unfortunately we are already used to, during these almost two years of pandemic under the current government.
Among the accusations are: using their patients, yes, elderly people already in a vulnerable situation and within the spectrum of comorbidities, as guinea pigs for the kit-covid, which is composed of nothing less than Chloroquine, Ivermectin and even Whey protein, the same kit as promoted by the Bolsonaro government. The medics who refused to participate in such perversity were categorically replaced by nurses posing as medics and instructed to prescribe the kit, and thus put into practice the experimental trial a la Josef Mengele.

Prevent Senior also forced infected employees to work without the use of PPE's with the pure intention of letting the virus circulate to obtain results for the "research".
In addition to being immoral, the practice is illegal, you may have already heard or read the justification of "medical autonomy", where the doctor has the autonomy to prescribe anything he wants to the patient, a practice alleged by the board of Prevent Senior, but what it does not talk to the public is about Bioethics, within bioethics, health professionals are taught about morals and ethics in the health area, the humanized part in dealing with something as delicate as human life.
Within bioethics there is the Nuremberg Code, a code that overthrows the weak, but disastrous justification of Prevent, in the Nuremberg Code there is a set of ethical principles that must be respected and practiced in medicine. And an important part to portray here is: it is an ethical and moral crime to use human beings for illegal experiments and without patient's consent for any purpose. Medicine was once very authoritarian, but it went through hard changes after the Second World War, a comparison to Nazism becomes valid here, since the criminal and inhumane practice of Prevent gets to compare the practices used during the period. This is what happens when medicine bows to genocidal ideologies.

On September 16 this year, the company on its twitter profile also released a note to the press making a veiled threat to deponents who denounced the horrendous practices committed within its experimental laboratories of illegal procedures. In the posted note is the following text:
"Prevent Senior will ask the Public Ministry to investigate the unfounded and anonymous complaints brought to the CPI by a supposed group of medics. Strangely, before the accusations were brought to the Senate committee, a lawyer representing this group of medics insinuated that the complaints would not be forwarded if an agreement was signed. Removed from the strangeness of the approach, Prevent Senior will take all the appropriate legal measures."
The executive director of Prevent Senior, Pedro Batista Júnior, called to the CPI on September 16, 2021, did not appear, alleging to the CPI that the appointment was made at the last minute and that, therefore, he did not have time to organize to go to Brasilia.

Although he obviously had time to hire lawyers and issue a threatening note to try to silence the allegations that have been arising throughout the week.
On September 22, the executive director Pedro Benedito Batista Júnior participated as a deponent at the CPI, where death certificates were changed, threat calls to doctors who made denunciations against Prevent and changes in the diagnoses of patients with coverage for any other disease to keep in practice the experimental laboratory were exposed.
According to the lawyers of Pedro Batista and Prevent Senior, all data was collected illegally, based solely on tarnishing the company's image, such data were not brought to justice and that all anonymous complaints were made with the intention of signing an agreement with the company's legal department.
Pedro Batista also cited that "treatment without diagnosis is not indicated" after being asked about the early treatment of COVID-19, Batista still did not want to answer the questions of the senators who had information about the patients.
The case of the mother of Luciano Hang (famous Bolsonaro follower and owner of Havan), Regina Modesti Hang, who died on 03/02/2021, comes in handy. In her medical record, it is stated that her death was a consequence of bacterial pneumonia, and it is does not mention COVID-19.

The document has about 2,000 pages and was prepared by Prevent Senior, controller of the Sancta Maggiore hospital where Regina Hang was hospitalized; the medical records described the early treatment of COVID-19, before Mrs. Regina's death, with ineffective drugs: azithromycin, hydroxychloroquine, prednisone and colchicine.
Luciano Hang claims that the treatment should have been done even earlier and that his mother could still be alive if it had occurred. So, if a great businessman and Bolsonaro follower doesn't care about his own mother and her fraudulent document, why would he care about the population that cannot pay for a decent treatment?
As already mentioned, after the charges of documents that were forged by Precisa (also Prevent Senior), it is evident that COVID was covered up, so as not to alarm and attract attention, for example, a spreadsheet that indicated only two deaths, but nine deaths were registered. There are still numerous cases of harassment, patients who are instructed to use the covid kit and, even denying it, were later called and offered the kit again.

It is undeniable the recognition of the extraordinary increase in the profits of companies such as Global Saúde, or of Precisa Medicamentos - which, by the way, they are the same company with the facade of different companies - as well as Prevent Senior, which reported gross revenue of R$ 3.49 billion in 2019, an increase of 34% compared to 2018. Net income was R$ 432.1 million in 2019, an increase of 25.1% compared to 2018. These companies have the support and recognition of the Bolsonaro government and from the parallel cabinet, which support using the lives of Brazilians as experimentation toys, herd immunity and illegal experiments without patient'sT consent, where lives are played on the roulette wheel of capitalist luck, all based on denial and fanaticism unbecoming a supposed feeling of patriotism, which is nothing more than the mask chosen to justify the atrocities that continue to be committed with impunity.
The Public Ministry of São Paulo asks for the suspension of the covid kit and collective moral indemnity to all affected by the actions of Prevent Senior, the agreement will be formalized as of Monday (September 27, 2021).

Unfortunately, family members are not replaceable for money, families have been shaken, but at least some justice must be done, for the comfort of those who have lost their loved ones. We feel your losses, our condolences to all 600,000 deceased.
A government that flirts with the dictatorship, that plays with Nazi symbolism, that speaks openly and proudly of torturers and murderers, that urges its people not to believe in reality, but in its infinite lies, all tossing their own luck amidst a pandemic and reinforcing whenever the scales tip to the money side, no matter how many lives need to be set on the fire of fascism.

The tyrants that await us, ladies and gentlemen, one day we will have the power to sweep them all out of power.

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Wait for us.Angels of Death, you should have waited for us.


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