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News 7 de Out de 2021 BR ES

The CEO of FIB Bank, Roberto Pereira Ramos, denied having business relations with Marcos Tolentino, pointed out as the "hidden owner" of the company, during his testimony to the CPI (which stands for Comissão Parlamentar de Inquérito, in english: Parliamentary Inquiry Committee) and with the owner of Precisa Medicamentos, Francisco Maximiano. FIB Bank was used by Precisa as guarantor in the Ministry of Health contract for the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

The deposition exposed alleged frauds at FIB Bank. Two people pointed out as partners in the company filed a lawsuit alleging that they had never participated in the organization. Besides this, two partners of another company, MB Guassu, which would have a stake in FIB Bank, are dead.

One of the supposed creators of FIB Bank, Geraldo Rodrigues Machado, sent audios to the CPI claiming to have been a victim of fraud. Machado reported that he discovered that his name was used to make up the company's partnership when he was denied credit when he tried to finance a motorcycle. "They falsified my signatures seen on some documents and my name was listed as an active partner," said Machado, a resident of Pão de Açúcar (AL), known as "Geraldão".

In the midst of this whole corruption scenario, we took action on the FIB BANK website ( and got all the Letters of Guarantees. In order to bring the truth to the public we started an investigation based on the documents obtained. To facilitate this sequence, we have created this article, which will be divided into parts organizing the analysis and research already done.

We are just beginning to analyze the more than 450 documents that we borrowed from the FIB Bank website and we have already found some curious names and connections, see the image below:

Red - Legal entity; Orange - Individual entity; Green - Events (Operations); Grey - Business Relationship.

Marcos Tolentino is a convicted corrupt man who has not been arrested. Follow the analysis below:

Red - Legal entity; Orange - Individual entity; Green - Events (Operations); Grey - Business Relationship.

Operation Ararath was an operation launched in 2013. It was practically a Lava Jato in Mato Grosso. It involved the conviction of several politicians and businessmen for corruption and money laundering. It's still ongoing and has already recovered at least one and a half billion reais. Sometimes it's normal to lose sight of the difference between a million and a billion reais. A million seconds equals eleven days. A billion seconds equals 31 YEARS. That's the amount of money embezzled in this mess.

The allegations involved a law firm brokering bribes, dirty money being laundered and even buying positions at a court of accounts. This game was played by deputies, a former governor and even a bank ( Had also involvement with BICBANCO. A scheme where a precatory letter was used, exchanged for money in a fraudulent loan and the money went to the politicians to finance the campaign. Whoever took the loan received works to be done by the government.

So far we have cold precarious letters, a swindling law firm, simulated financial transactions, and money being distributed for money laundering. Does that remind you of something that's happening right now? And what is the connection between Ararath and Tolentino? Tolentino was INVESTIGATED for money laundering at Ararath, through three of its companies: Rede Brasil, PAZ administratora and Benetti Prestadora de Serviços. He received around 3 million reais in a negotiation that involved an appointment to the Court of Auditors. Instead of being arrested, he returned the money to become a "collaborator" in the investigations (

How is it possible for someone to be arrested for years for carrying a Pine Sol in his backpack as if it were an explosive device, while a rich man returns the three million reais he STOLEN and, in addition to getting away with it, still replicates the model for which he was arrested? Is there justice in Brazil?

Let's talk about someone who can be a key player in finding all the companies in which Tolentino is a hidden partner: a lawyer.

Red - Legal entity; Orange - Individual entity; Green - Events (Operations); Grey - Business Relationship.

Tolentino is a tax lawyer, owner of TV stations linked to the Universal Church, partner of Celso Russomanno and confessed corrupt, caught in Operation Ararath negotiating a vacancy in TCU (Tribunal de Contas da União, in english: Union Court of Accounts) for millions of reais, as we tell in this thread. Tolentino is also a hidden partner in several companies, some in the name of relatives, others in the name of complete oranges (orange(s) is(are) a person(people) who mediates, voluntarily or involuntarily, fraudulent financial transactions, lending his name, documents or bank account to hide the identity of the person who hires him). One of these companies is Rede Brasil ABC de Comunicações, later called Paparazzi Comunicações:

It was investigated at Ararath along with other companies in Tolentino. However, in a public relations maneuver and taking advantage of the fact that the company is in the name of oranges Rede Brasil issued a statement claiming that it was a coincidence of names:

And then we found the name of the lawyer who defended Paparazzi in several lawsuits: Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lopes.

Do you know who else he is a lawyer? From Tolentino himself, on more than one occasion. He is also a lawyer for Rede Brasil - which says he has no connection with Paparazzi.

Do you know who else he's a lawyer for? From almost half of all companies to which the FIB Bank has issued letters of guarantee. Guaçu Papéis is an example, among dozens:

One of these companies is Premium Bebidas, owner of Cerveja Proibida. She was caught in Operation Happy Hour withholding 100 million reais. The letters for the return of these amounts were issued by FIB Bank. Lopes was in charge of the legal proceedings. Nobody was arrested.

In at least 90% of the letters we analyzed, the companies for which FIB Bank issued guarantees are directly linked to Tolentino and lawyer Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lopes. There is no doubt that Tolentino has opened a new corruption hub for his dirty business. We hope that the Senators will question Tolentino's connection with Luiz Carlos de Andrade Lopes.

A Pastor, a confessed corrupt, a TV owner, a Bolsonarist (Bolsonaro follower) deputy and the Minister of Communications enter a bar. It could be a joke, but it's more a scam by the owner of FIB Bank. Follow the  (huge) thread:

Red - Legal entity; Orange - Individual entity; Green - Events (Operations); Grey - Business Relationship.

We say on this thread that Tolentino is the owner of Rede Brasil de Televisão, and of all his involvement with Operation Ararath. The events we narrate end in a lying Press Release issued in 2016. We need to start this analysis by remembering that RBT (Rede Brasileira de Televisão, in english: Brazilian Television Network) works as a public concession, taking an exclusive and limited space among the possible channels to be used in a particular location in Brazil. It is impossible to resolve the use of this type of intangible resource without an organization from some body. Competition does not work to decide who will have the right to operate on one of these frequencies.

In our case, we have the State. In an ideal society, we would have an Assembly. Tolentino therefore receives a public resource concession to produce content for the population and make it commercially viable through advertisers. But there is a deal that pays much better: renting part of the programming to evangelical churches (

Tolentino has been friends with Congressman Russomanno for at least 35 years. They were partners in more than one company, including a helicopter with which Russomanno campaigned in 2014. Tolentino donated 12,500 in fuel to his friend's campaign (

Russomanno was also a member of the board of directors of RBT, and partner of Tolentino at Rede Brasil Leme Rádio. This radio was the subject of the elections for being irregular with documentation required by the communications ministry (

Russomanno is linked to the Universal Church, and has more than once been referred to as being tipped to be the "IURD (Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus, in english: Universal Church of the Kingdom of God) candidate": (

In 2018, Tolentino leases most of the TV programming to the Apostolic Church Plenitude of the Throne of God, from Agenor Duque, a stray from the IURD who founded his own denomination and has been the target of stories accusing him of charlatanism. Between 2018 and 2020, FIB Bank issues 16 letters, totaling more than 6 million reais. One of them was issued having as beneficiary the "FULL COMMERCIAL FUND"... Development companies buy debts and pay them in cash to companies that would receive them in installments in exchange for a fee.

In early 2021, RBT said goodbye to its channel in São Paulo and rented it once and for all to IURD, which already owns Record. He transferred his programming to a station in São Caetano, which previously acted as a relay. This in turn is partly leased to the World Church. The World Church of the Power of God, by Valdemiro Santiago, also has its FIB Bank letters. There are two letters, one in 2017 for 16 million and the other in 2019 for 23.5 million. Both have the same beneficiary: a company called "SM Comunicações".

A curious detail: much has been speculated about a connection between Tolentino and deputy Bolsonarist Eduardo Barros. Everything indicates that Barros is the head behind the presentations and facilities, linking the fraudulent companies and the Ministry of Health in the Covaxin scandal. Some portals speculated about a meeting of Tolentino and Barros at the Ministry of Communications in January 2021. News portals focused on announcements made by the government on RBT.

Barros and Tolentino, however, stated that they had no contact with SECOM, the agency that carries out the advertisements. For us, the matter is not really about advertisements, but about a Bill that went unnoticed by many people: The Provisional Measure 1018/2021. This measure ensured that several broadcasters became part of the mandatory cable and satellite TV package. including stations that are granted a public frequency and rent to evangelical churches something that should be used for the benefit of the population.

This provisional measure, incidentally, became law in record time. The MP (Medida provisória, in english: Provisional Measure) was sanctioned by pressure from the communications minister in May/21 and became law in June/21. Between receiving the project and voting, only 5 days passed. On the day of the sanction of the MP, Tolentino was in Brasília and gave an interview to his own channel about the matter. Remember this scoundrel is taking something public and renting it to churches. And now, without having to pay to show it on cable TVs.

The timeline looks like this: in January Tolentino and Barros make an official visit to the Ministry of Communications. In May, Faria, Minister of Communications, puts pressure on Bolsonaro to sanction the MP (

In June, the MP becomes law in record time. In July, at the event sanctioning the capitalization of Eletrobrás, Bolsonaro, Barros and Tolentino are photographed chatting, and this photo was released by Barros himself. Are there any questions left about the subject of the January meeting?

All this revolves around a confessed corrupt (Since he returned bribe money) who has as one of his activities to raise a public fund and rent it to evangelical churches. Remembering that he also uses oranges on stations to be able to have more than one station.

To be continued...


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