Introduction to "#OpNewBlood"

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The main goal of #OpNewBlood is to introduce the Anonymous idea to more people and invite them to participate more actively in the activities carried out by this idea. That's why it's important to know some of the most basic questions about our culture and our principles. With that in mind, we have separated a summary of 15 items for those who are making their first trip. From that point on, you can start writing your questions and doing your research.

1. Communication mechanisms

You are not doing anything wrong by participating in internet discussions. You have the right to freedom of expression and communication. Chatting shouldn't be illegal anywhere. That being understood, let's go to some questions.

IRC is one of the oldest communication technologies on the internet, and is the basis for many online chats. It is able to allow real-time communication requiring few system resources from the user. Despite being a simple communication platform, it allows the execution of scripts in Python or Perl, message encryption with FISHLiM and file transfer. It is interesting that you take some time to get to know this and other secure communication tools. We never know when the place we live in will experience conflicting episodes, authoritarian regimes, episodes of wars, persecution by governments, etc. Different platforms can better serve different interests, devices or operating systems. Research which one is most interesting to you.

2. Anonymity

Nothing is 100% safe from espionage. Governments and corporations maintain surveillance networks, as well as independent hacker groups that can intercept conversations and break into systems. Many people today are starting to rethink their habits and better control the information about their lives that is available on the internet. It's the price you pay when using the network. The internet has always been “open” and it is important that it stay that way, because closed networks would compromise its main purpose: free and easy sharing of information, thoughts, ideas and knowledge. So how to protect yourself? In addition to looking for secure communication tools, you should start getting informed about some subjects, such as VPNs, the Tor network, encryption, among others.

3. VPN

Many people are already familiar with this technology, as it is already used by companies and educational institutions. A VPN (virtual private network) is the connection between a computer and another network. It can be used to allow a remote device access to a closed system (such as in a company or some digital libraries), but it can also be used to disguise your location.

4. TOR and the Onion network

Tor is a free and unrestricted software that works over the internet. It allows the user to remain anonymous while browsing (with some restrictions). Knowing how to make good use of it is essential, it makes almost impossible to locate the user's IP by common means, which makes really hard to find your real location. Information on the onion network is often encrypted by passing “nodes” that do not retain the path taken by that information. It is important to have some preparation before using Tor for browsing the “deep web” (layers of the internet not indexed, i.e.. which cannot be found by common search engines), as there are many dangerous environments for your computer's security , in addition to illegal practices.

5. Security

Security is a very complex issue when we are talking about the internet. There are several ways and possibilities to have a safer atmosphere on your device and on the network. But what can be said in a nutshell is that what makes the biggest difference is the sum of good practices and habits, with good protection software. Each individual uses the internet in a particular way, so it is based on this usage that a security scheme should be designed.

6. Encryption

Even Edward Snowden, a leading whistleblower on the NSA's surveillance schemes, has claimed that a good encryption scheme is still one of the few things you can trust. Encryption is a way to protect information even when it is intercepted. In simple terms, the information is transformed using algorithms that will make it impossible to read, except for those who have a particular identification for that encryption mode (generally called a “key”).

7. Freedom of Information

We live in a world where knowledge is power. And knowing this, large centers of economic and political power control information in order to keep populations under their control. We defend freedom of information because it is the main path by which people will be able to understand the slavery scheme in which they are inserted, communicate with other people and articulate against this system.

8. Hyper Democracy

It is a generic term to refer to participatory organizations, that is, instead of having hierarchies and representatives, people express themselves directly and work for themselves. Hyper democracy is not a proposal for a system, but an indication that whatever we plan for the future, it will not be fair if it does not start from the direct demands of the people, instead from the current world elites.

9. Freedom of Expression

More than freedom of speech, we defend the free expression of human identities. Except in cases where it limits expression or violates the intimacy and safety of others, we must all be free to be who we are, the way we are. Freedom of expression includes freedom of speech, political participation, belief, sexuality, culture and any other aspect that makes up human identity.

10. The fight of the 99%

We are the 99% oppressed against the 1% oppressor. The exploited against the exploiters. Anonymous is against the verticalization of economics and politics, that is, the concentration of financial and social power in small groups, while large masses are exploited. Your work and life full of limitations cannot be used to support millionaire families. The price of these families' way of life cannot be the massacre and death from hunger of poor populations around the world. Anonymous is against any authoritarian system, against any system in which capital is concentrated in a few groups, against any system in which someone holds control of resources essential to humanity's survival and uses that as a means of exercising power.

11. The Anonymous Plan

Consisting of 3 phases, the plan aims primarily to spread the Idea (and that's why it came to you) to as many people as possible. After that, we need to organize ourselves, share knowledge, create support and support networks, assist in the work of those who are starting and multiply the Idea. Only then will it be possible for us to stand up against this system and build a fairer world proposal.

12. Technical and scientific framework

Anonymous is not about your opinion. It is about your right to have an opinion, but it is not subject to it or any other. We will always be interested in facts more than ideas, and ideas more than people. It is essential to have technical and scientific references. That is why it is important to spread knowledge and freedom of information, so that we can all have this reference, and so that it is not used in favor of particular centers. We need an objective knowledge to guide our project for the future.

13. Conflicts

Anonymous will be a thorn in the side of any group or institution that represents power and control over people. This includes most large corporations, governments and churches. There is no political freedom if a group of people makes the laws for everyone. There is no economic freedom if a group of people have the resources we all need. There is no freedom of thought if a group of people tries to interfere in the production and dissemination of objective knowledge. We live in a world where left wing and right wing, most of the time, represent a proposal of power. In the end, more state or less state, more rights or less rights, it is still governments occupied by wealthy families partnering with companies owned by wealthy families, serving the interests of friends and their wealthy families. And by “rich” we're not saying that person who worked his whole life to have a house on the beach. We're talking about people who are born diving in money and pay people to take care of their fortunes. People filthy rich. People rich enough to define what your life will be like.

14. Media

Anonymous must be the anti-media. We must subvert the media to spread our message. We must teach people to seek knowledge without being duped by propaganda machines. We must awaken them to constant manipulation on TV, radio, newspapers and the internet. For this reason, anonymous colectives often support independent media and work as large information-sharing networks. Be part of that network. Contribute, produce or disseminate.

15. We are One

We have to let go of our ego. You are no more important than anyone else. Nobody is more important than you. All your intellectual production was only made possible by everything that humanity built before you. It is not your merit, nor mine. It's ours. We are a species and we need to see ourselves as such. All intellectual production is collective, that's why we don't sign our productions. We don't want our name to be remembered throughout history, but our work to transform history so that no one needs to be remembered, and a new consciousness awakening mutual respect for everyone.


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EterSec is an Anonymous cell based on collective actions and diversity. In the information age, we cannot isolate ourselves, we must unite in the collective construction of a freer future.