Living in pandemic times

News 21 de Jul de 2021 BR ES

We are living in a time that most of us probably never imagined we would live in, a "pandemic" that has completely changed our way of life. We lived in an age of speed cult, 24 hours a day wasn't enough to carry out our daily tasks and suddenly a supposedly new virus appears and... Bang! It breaks our lives in half and traps the entire world population in their homes, inviting us not to relate, not to move, to be afraid of each other, to do nothing in common, and to use technology as the only tool of communication and work. It is evident and obvious that reductionism in relation to the human being exists and is manifested with the sole intention of humiliating us unfairly, in order to sadden us with the consequences that this brings.

Most people are not prepared to handle this situation the way we used to live; on autopilot, and this leads many people to despair because they are not able to provide for themselves, develop and relate to others as they did before, with dire consequences for their personal lives, fear has been pushed into our lives. The important thing is not what we are living, but how we are living it. Whether COVID-19 has a natural or artificial origin, whether it was induced or accidental, whether it is a real or exaggerated pandemic, the important thing is to realize the effects it is having due to the different measures being adopted, which is nothing more rather than cooling down in terms of social distance and we see ourselves as a threat to our health, we must be smart and take advantage of this situation for our own common benefit.

It's time to connect with the inner self, to benefit from this moment and to live with a minimum of dignity, it's time for calm and serenity. It is necessary to stop, look inside ourselves and take care of ourselves personally so that we can make room for a new humanity and not be subjected to all this dystopia. How? Loving ourselves. And... How do we love each other? Taking care of ourselves. It's time to love and love each other.

Take advantage of your gifts and talents to reinvent yourself, to be reborn, now that you have left the whirlwind of life, stop and observe yourself, start practicing meditation, take this time to know who you are and where you are going, to get to know yourself. Enjoy your company and listen to yourself, do things you thought about and never did, value yourself and commit to yourself, listen to your inner self to know what is right for your life and what is not, in short... Love yourself!

Share. If you have gifts and talents that serve to create things that can help other people... Do it without hesitation, you are in the age of technology and are able to manage and create it, try to do it in a way beneficial for the common and collective good, because now is the time. Take this time to become a more human person, more humble, more empathetic and altruistic, contribute everything you can and take care of people, but above all, enjoy it... Love!


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