Military Court of Rio Grande do Sul

Leaks 3 de Ago de 2021 ES BR

Jair Bolsonaro remains in power despite all the crimes committed against the public administration and against constitutional rights. This is only due to their support from the country's armed sectors - mainly from the Armed Forces and the Military Police. It is increasingly evident that there is a kind of "Uniformed Party" in the Bolsonaro government, made up of conservatives and widowers of the dictatorship implemented in 1964, providing wounds caused to our country and which are still open and have not healed. This nefarious wing of Brazilian military power saw Bolsonaro as a means of maintaining and expanding privileges of its category. As a result of this alliance, they occupy most of the ministerial duties and have the entire federal government in favor of their privileges - as is the well-known case of the pension to their daughters, which can reach up to 117 thousand Reais a month.

Any attempt to debate or try to change this status quo ends up in aggressive reactions manifested by verbiage from commanders, generals and colonels; for both the active ones and the retired. Making pro coup statements, these military wing officials see no scruples about threatening the rights of more than 220 million Brazilians because a parliamentary committee of investigation denounces crimes by high-ranking members in the purchase of overpriced vaccines. The government's own Defense Minister has already demonstrated that the 2022 election it's just a Plan B of the Bolsonaro government, by embracing the unconstitutional fallacy of the printed vote (there are no ballots votes here in Brazil, everything is electronic)  and considering it as the only condition for how the election must happen.

For this reason, we, at EterSec, take a stand against the corrupt and coup-based vices of the military forces. Only by directly fighting them, so we can exorcise the authoritarian ghosts that have haunted our country for decades. We are aware that the Bolsonaro government has great support from the Military Police throughout Brazil, especially in Rio Grande do Sul, one of the states that has the largest number of Bolsonaro's supporters. Not to mention that several members and congressmen who support Bolsonaro's government are from Rio Grande do Sul, such as: Onyx Lorenzoni, VP General Hamilton Mourão and Osmar Terra.

Aware that the Military Forces has been demonstrating behavior of political subordination that result in riots, as occurred in Ceará and Espírito Santo, we acted to expose the Military Court of Rio Grande do Sul, in which the ideology of Bolsonaro predominates.

Let's stay tuned.



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