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Until the mid-19th century, the human race maintained relative harmony with the environment. With the emergence of the industrial age and large urban agglomerations, there was a break in this harmony, which caused a growing drop in the standard of living of the environment, with the death of rivers and the disappearance of green areas. This inconsequential devastation is called pollution, deforestation, etc.

In Brazil we have the largest tropical forest in the world, the Amazon, cradle of fauna and flora of the most diverse possible, considered the lung of our planet, but in recent decades we have seen a considerable increase in destruction caused by the need for excessive consumption and the ambition of large companies, despite being the richest country with the most varied fauna and flora in the world, we see our forest being exploited to exhaustion, year after year. We are breaking many negative records this year, one of them being deforestation, the Amazon deforestation alerts in March were the highest ever recorded for the month since the beginning of the historical series, according to data from the Space Research Institute (Inpe). There were 367.000 km² last February, according to measurements by the Real Time Deforestation Detection System (Deter). This is the highest deforestation rate in ten years.

Ricardo Salles, the former Minister of Environment, is considered a global threat. Being a faithful follower of President Bolsonaro's booklet, he defends the total and annihilating exploitation that fuels capitalism, for the benefit of agribusiness, he is willing to cooperate, release and change amendments to mining, illegal mining and invasion of indigenous lands. And this dismantling of the State and the environment has been supported and defended in two years of the Bolsonarist government. We must be aware that nature teaches us, and that everything we need is available, leaving only us the wisdom to find balanced ways to provide for our needs without depleting the source, as this source is more than enough for the solution of the needs not only of the human species, but also of all living beings.

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