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Operations 10 de Set de 2021 ES BR

t's not exactly wrong to say that Covid's Investigation at the Congress had two "seasons." The first, before the break, was focused on the excesses and complete incompetence of the Ministry of Health in acquiring vaccines, setting a prevention goal for Covid-19 with social isolation and mass testing, and on the fact that the Government had bet all its chips on the inefficient “early treatment”. The second season began a few days before the CPI recess when House Representative Luis Miranda (DEM-DF) and his brother denounced a corruption scheme involving the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin. That's where the figure of Colonel Élcio Franco appears.

Colonel Élcio Franco, was at the time Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Health. A sort of Vice-Minister and directly responsible of the former Logistics Director at the Ministry, Roberto Ferreira Dias. Roberto Dias' testimony to the Congree placed Colonel Élcio at the center of negotiations with the company Barath BioTech in the overpriced purchase of 400 million doses of Covaxin vaccine. The purchase of vaccines ended up being canceled after the investigation revealed numerous irregularities with the contract in addition to an alleged bribe in the amount of US$ 1.00 per dose.

Élcio Franco has direct links with other military personnel involved in negotiations for the purchase of these vaccines, in addition to being a person very close to President Jair Bolsonaro and also to the former Minister of Health, General Pazuello.

Élcio Franco had given testimony to the CPI on June 9, before Roberto Dias. At the time, he was asked about the government's refusals to acquire CoronaVac, why it took so long to respond to Pfizer, about obtaining drugs without the effectiveness of early treatment and about the role of the “parallel office”. Dias, in turn, was heard by the CPI on July 7th and declared that Élcio was the person negotiating the purchase of Covaxin and that the government itself would have given the order to leave this task to the executive secretary and not to the department of Logistics. One of the indications that the government had intervened was the false documentation presented by Minister Onix Lorezoni today at the re-created Ministry of Labor. Dias is also involved in another suspicious business, the purchase of AstraZenica vaccines from the American company Davati, represented in Brazil by Military Police Officer Luiz Paulo Dominguetti

Colonel Élcio Franco and the civilian Roberto Dias illustrate perfectly how civilians and military united in a coordinated manner to sacking the Ministry of Health, and according to the testimony of Deputy Luiz Miranda, with knowledge of the chief executive, President Bolsonaro. The military and civilians within the Ministry were suckling every teat possible in the Ministry.

If it weren't for the excesses and greed of corrupt military and civilians, the Brazilian population could have been completely vaccinated by mid-May of this year, according to the public health physician Gonzalo Vecina. Brazil has already surpassed the number of 585,000 deaths by Covid-19.

Let it be clear Colonel Antônio Élcio Franco Filho: We are Anonymous. We don't forgive. We don't forget. You should have expected us!


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