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Operations 15 de Set de 2021 ES BR

"Marcos Tolentino da Silva is a lawyer, journalist and business administrator. Reputable businessman known at the front of a group that has several activities, from business advisory, tax, civil construction and the Television Network". This would be found on your wikipedia if it hadn't been removed. Furthermore, we realized that part of his career as an entrepreneur was not removed, as he was never there. He is a businessman with more than 20 companies and 6 different Social Secutiry numbers before the Internal Revenue Service in several states in Brazil. Marcos was indicted in a major operation carried out by the federal police: Operation Ararath.

In 2014, the company BENETTI PRESTADORA DE SERVIÇOS E INCORPORADORA LTDA was the target of searches made by the Federal Police in the operation Ararath. The operation identified a total movement of about R$ 4,000,000.00 between accounts, where more than R$ 2,500,000 were related to Marcos Tolentino and his family. At the time, this company also handled R$ 469,000.00 at the request of former House Representative José Riva. In addition, in this operation, the false bank where the letters of guarantee were being worked on was called BIC BANCO.

Tolentino was brought to justice in 2016 accused of money laundering in the process that addresses the purchase of vacancies in the Court of Auditors of the State of MT. In a plea agreement, signed in Operation Ararath, he pledged to pay R$ 3 million to the public coffers to obtain a court pardon, which was never received by the courts. As early as 2018, he closed an agreement proposed by the Court in which the Public Ministry determined that he could not leave the country without authorization from the Supreme Court.

Still in Operation Ararath, Tolentino was never the only one to take part, highlighting his wife Vanessa Navarro Alvarenga Tolentino and his in-laws, Roberto Alvarenga and Glória Aparecida Navarro Alvarenga. In addition to these names, companies and family members of Leandro Valoes Soares are also listed, as well as Deputy José Riva and Deputy Sérgio Ricardo de Almeida. The entire corruption scheme investigated in the Bic Banco case was repeated again, however, using a new bank that is not a bank.

Fib Bank, or the new "Bic Banco", was targeted by both covid19's parliamentary committee of inquiry and ours, and you can check our attack here (etersec.org/pt-br/opfibbank/). There you will find all the letters that the fake bank issued to apply the old scam already investigated in the Ararath operation. To conclude, it is increasingly evident that Marcos Tolentino is the hidden owner of Fib Bank and was carrying out the same strategy used in the past. In this sense, it is necessary that we make available to the people the real face of Marcos Tolentino, who supports all his family and friends on the basis of scams involved with powerful corrupters.

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