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Indigenous peoples in Brazil have been systematically exterminated for centuries, their reserves are invaded, their powers are suppressed and their voices are muffled. In another episode of oppression, we see the retired Army lieutenant Henry Charles Lima da Silva, who coordinates Funai (Indigenous Peoples National Foundation)  in Vale do Javari, Amazonas, stating that he would 'set fire' on isolated indigenous people who "annoyed" the Marubo people.

"I'm going to get in touch with the staff from the Frente (Ethno-environmental Protection Front, Funai's sector responsible for monitoring isolated peoples) and press: You have to take care of the isolated indigenous, because otherwise I'll go, together with the marubos, set fire to the isolated ones", says the lieutenant.

These speeches and actions cannot be left aside, the original peoples must have a voice and must be recognized as participants in social rights. To bring some justice to this arbitrariness, we are bringing some data from FUNAI.

Soon we will also start our project called Anhangá, which will address the issue of indigenous peoples in Brazil and around the world, trying to rescue their culture, their voice and their rights


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