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In mid-2016, the Brazilian extreme right wing started to talk about a very strange speech about the so-called “non-party school”. Well, it wasn't exactly the only weird and disconnected speech from reality when it comes to the far right, it was even left for the baby bottles!

Weird because politics is something inherent to our existence. As individuals who are part of a community and therefore a society, we practice politics all the time. Of course, it is a different policy from that exercised by “professional politicians and their parties”, but we still have our values and our convictions.

t gets even more strange because they, who became conservative right-wing adults, swore that schools served to indoctrinate their students to be future "leftists"!

There is no doubt that education professionals also have their political preferences, but then assuming that there is some indoctrination is a bit exaggerated. And in the case of the extreme right, it is the exaggeration that happened last September 2nd that shows what the "non-party school" they want is like.

After punishing a teacher who had criticized President Bolsonaro, the Principal of Colégio Notre Dame de Lourdes, Marluce C. de Almeida da Silva asked the Mato Grosso PM's CIOPAER (Integrated Air Operations Coordination) for A HELICOPTER to fly over the school. The officers who were on the aircraft even raised a Brazilian flag.

The attempt to stifle the ideals defended by the teacher in question is clear, in such a way that, with the principal having taken this attitude, she ends up bringing the party politicization system (in particular, the far right) to education bodies.

The situation is serious, since educational institutions must train students in a sober and critical reality. By requesting a helicopter to fly over the school itself, the principal takes on the responsibility of causing panic in those who have divergent opinions. Even because the fact is, basically, unprecedented, in the context in which the President of the Republic of Bananas talks about "acting outside the constitution". Now, when performing an action like this, the director, in fact, uses a means of clearly repressive character to assert her will over the others.

It is just another demonstration that serves to exalt one's own ego in a political context in which everyone feels free to repress, oppress and confuse freedom of expression with hateful speeches and attitudes.

But the question remains: How can a mere principal manage to make a military helicopter fly over the school without fear of consequences? Including spending public money for such action? Simple, it's the portrait of the elite who think they can do whatever they want without caring about the rest. But it's not like that.

Those who hide under military cloaks and do not make room for dialogue are simply puppets of a ridiculous system that follows the same modus operandi - causing fear as a way of controlling the population.

In response to the arbitrary and authoritarian attitude, we are making available for public knowledge the data of principal Marluce Conceição de Almeida da Silva. In addition, we will also make available the data of Colonel Juliano Chiroli, former coordinator of the CIOPAER of the PM of MT


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