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Emmanuel Macron has already become known for his ambition, which seems inexhaustible. Elected in 2017, he has been ruling in such an obsessive and authoritarian light that we can compare himself to 19th-century rulers, earning him the title of "Napoleonic". Since he refused to participate in the famous Bastille Day on the eve of the event, which makes everything very symbolic. He was embroiled in several decision-making controversies as soon as he took office, an invitation to former US President Donald Trump to watch together the country's most important national holiday festivities. This decision caught the attention of the French.

Some time later, it came into conflict with the then Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Pierre Villiers. Macron announced an immediate cut of a billion euros in army funding, which already corresponded to just 1.78% of GDP. The day after the announcement of one of the cuts, Villiers made a disgusted speech to the company, and asked for his resignation. Macron also announced that he would create a public office for his wife as "first lady", something that does not exist in France.

Such pronouncement caused revolt in the French population that was already excited by the decisions taken earlier. The president of France treats labor rights as problems: within his reforms he approaches his argument from the perspective that labor laws would be killing jobs, in his reforms he cites the creation of a limit on the payments that companies must provide to employees in cases of dismissal. Macron's idea is to make the necessary changes by decree, so they don't face resistance in parliament.

This is just a small portion made by the current president of France, for these and other issues we decided to join #OpParis.

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