The place of a corrupt politician is in jail #OpRachadores

Operations 29 de Nov de 2021 ES BR

Corruption is a chronic problem in Brazil. The anti-corruption discourse, however, has always been successful.

Appealing, populist and always pretentiously messianic, the politicians who get elected with this promise are usually the same ones who prove, time after time, that once elected, representatives tend to protect the interests of their class and their own, rather than the interests of the population.

In May of this year, for example, Representative Alberto Negrão (we will not use "Dr." because a corrupt person deserves no respect) had been removed by the TRE for the practice of the famous "Rachadinha" in his office. His colleagues in the Legislative Assembly decided to protect him and overturned the decision. In the Extraordinary Session, all the deputies present voted in favor of the overthrow with the exception of one. They were: Diogo Senior, Dr. Victor, Jack Jk, Jaime Perez, Jesus Pontes, Jory Oeiras, Junior Favacho, Kaká Barbosa, Max da AABB, Pastor Oliveira, Paulinho Ramos, Zezinho Tupinambá, Aldilene Souza, Alliny Serrão, Cristina Almeida, Edna Auzier, Luciana Gurgel, Marilia Góes, Raimunda Beirão, Telma Gurgel, Telma Nery. Let the voters of Amapá mark their names!

Now, the representative was again the target of an investigation, this time by the Federal Police, involving the embezzlement of at least 1 million reais from the public coffers. This shows the level of corruption tolerated by the above mentioned deputies.

There are other politicians who apparently managed to set up the public structure well enough to remain unpunished when they practice embezzlements and other shenanigans, just as Representative Alberto Negrão did for a few months. Unfortunately, we have no hope that they will be investigated by the Federal Police. And as always, they were elected using all the populist promises of fighting corruption.

We can no longer tolerate a system that guarantees impunity for politicians who have no scruples whatsoever in stealing from the public coffers fed by a population that dies of hunger every day. We can no longer tolerate a representative system in which we give carte blanche for four years to a so-called messiah, without any way to remove him from power, given that he is protected by colleagues and by agencies. We can no longer tolerate a system that allows a few to get rich by taking what should belong to the population, who suffer more and more in misery.

What the current system allows us to do is to choose the dictator who will oppress us, the thief who will rob us, the assassin who will kill us.

If we live in a democracy, power should be in the hands of the people, not representatives.

We have enough proof that they only bring hunger and misery to the population.

Check it out:

The people they rob and kill are the people on whom THEY depend.

Those are the people who bake the bread they eat.

These are the people who file their documents.

These are the people who deliver their packages.

They are everywhere.

They are Anonymous.


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