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For whom does a ruler rule?

According to some philosophers who have addressed this question in recent centuries, the state needs to exist in order to serve as the mediator of the conflicts that will naturally arise between the individuals living in a society. However, when we take our faces out of the manuals that served as a basis of inspiration for our model of social organization and look at a quilombola community being expelled from its lands to build a sewer, we realize that there is something very wrong. Especially when the "public power" claims ownership of these lands for itself. What happens when the Scalesman is contesting a deal that he himself is making?
For some, our people are the result of a mixture.

The mixture of the conquerors and those who were conquered. Of those who wielded the sword and those who bled. But is this logic of conquest really something that is left in the past?When the Barcarena City Hall decided to take the action that resulted in the hurried expulsion and demolition of the houses of quilombola families that inhabited a peripheral region of the municipality, it continues to repeat today the same colonialist logic that formed our country. The absurdity becomes even greater when not even the law created by this same State is respected. The action was not only immoral or inhumane.

It was unconstitutional. It disregarded the decision of no evictions during the biggest health crisis in history. It ignored that this community had been previously recognized and that land ownership was in the process of being titled.What interests did the action serve? Who does the Barcarena City Hall govern?Due to these questions, and in protest to the action, Etersec defaced the Barcarena City Hall website on the last 17th. The goal was to call the attention of the Brazilian population to yet another atrocity committed by the public power, which strives to continue disrespecting the rights of the marginalized parts of the population instead of guaranteeing them.

To the rulers, it would be important that you remember that the power you hold in your hands is granted by the population. And that power can be taken away.


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