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On social networks, Otavio Fakhoury uses the phrase "God, Family and Homeland" to define himself. A Bolsonarist businessman, he is also vice president of the Instituto Força Brasil, president of the PTB directory in São Paulo. Suspected of financing the dissemination of false information about the pandemic, he also financed offices of the Instituto Força Brasil that tried to mediate the negotiation of Covid vaccines between the Davatti company and the Ministry of Health. In politics, before occupying the presidency of the PTB directory in São Paulo, Fakhoury was treasurer of the PSL in São Paulo - at the time, the directory was chaired by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro.

Fakhoury's name also appears in the Federal Police investigation that investigates those responsible for anti-democratic acts carried out last year.To the CPI, Fakhoury said that, for medical advice, he did not take the vaccine against the new coronavirus. Asked about having defended the use of medications without scientifically proven effectiveness for the treatment of covid-19, the businessman said that 14 people in his close circle contracted the disease and were cured with drugs from the covid kit, prescribed by a doctor. He also told the senators that he does not believe in the effectiveness of the masks to prevent infection, despite the recommendation made by national and international health agencies. Faced with the statements of the businessman, for several times, the senators affirmed that the attitude of the deponent puts public health at risk and, therefore, would not be seen as freedom of speech, but classified as a crime.

If his denialism was not enough, on May 12 of this year, Contarato (Senator) , when posting a message on Twitter in which he defended the arrest of the former secretary of Communication of the Jair Bolsonaro government Fabio Wajngarten, who also testified at the collegiate, the senator misspelled the word "flagrancial" and wrote "configured fragrant state".  Fakhoury then republished Contarato's message on Twitter offending the congressman because of the senator's sexual orientation. "The delegate, an openly homosexual, was perhaps thinking about the perfume of some person in that plenary ...

Who would be the 'perfumed one' that captivated him?", said the businessman. Until late yesterday afternoon, the publication was still on air. The intervention made the businessman apologize to the senator. "Really, my comment was unfortunate, it was a joke comment.  I think it is a bad joke," said Fakhoury. The businessman also said that he had forgotten about the social media posting until he was exposed at the CPI. "You should not ask forgiveness only to me," replied Contarato. The businessman then apologized to "everyone who felt offended by these comments".
The apology given by OTAVIO FAKHOURY is not enough for us and for the LGBTQIA+ Community you should pay for your acts not only in this issue but for your campaign of death for your support to the genocidal as for your financing of denialism and COVID itself, with your irresponsible acts.

It is sad to see the level of bad example you are leaving for your children and the next generations that you claim to respect so much, you are a disservice to society. Finally, let's bring a little justice to those who have suffered for your actions, bad people must be exposed.


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