Ransomware on Colombian Attorney General's Server

News 29 de Jun de 2021 ES BR

Colombia's population has been suffering from violent interventions by its own government. The institutions that are supposed to guarantee the security and well-being of the Colombian people are primarily responsible for establishing a scenario of terror. It is not fair that the economic policy of a country always weighs more heavily on the poorest. It is not fair for economic conglomerates to take over the institutions that oversee the state. It is not fair for international forces to feed this bloodbath through demands, sanctions and threats. More than 40 people have died since the beginning of the demonstrations. The Colombian reality is as complex as that of any other country. But we cannot allow people to pay the price for these conflicts of interest. Nor can we allow their voices to be violently silenced for expressing dissatisfaction. No censorship will be tolerated. No institutional violence will be tolerated. No action by organized fascist groups will be tolerated. The Colombian government must work to guarantee the rights of its people and immediately stop the violent repression that has resulted in the death of its citizens. We are one. We are Anonymous.



EterSec é uma célula Anonymous baseada nas ações coletivas e na diversidade. Na era da informação, não podemos nos isolar, devemos nos unir na construção coletiva de um futuro mais livre.

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