The best government?

News 6 de Ago de 2021 BR ES

Rent - R$ 500,00 (minimum);    
Cooking gas - R$ 120,00;    
Electricity - R$ 200,00 (minimum);    
Basic food supplies- R$ 350,00;    
Basic hygiene - R$ 150,00;
Total: R$ 1,320,00 (without buying clothes, without having leisure, without culture, without buying medicines, without paying for transportation).

The minimum wage is R$ 1,100,00. In other words, the minimum wage (for those who are employed), does not even cover the basic existence of a person, let alone a family. The account does not match. How will someone who receives R$ 150,00/350,00 from emergency aid (because of the pandemic) survive? Meanwhile, politicians tripling public funds, PEOPLE's money, mine and your taxes, to pay for their own election campaigns.
As if that were not enough, they receive housing assistance, health assistance, school assistance, coat assistance, fuel assistance, functional properties, cabinet budget, "big quota" (the Quota for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity, known as "big quota", is an extra budget received by representatives and senators to fund the mandate's activities. This is a legal mechanism and there is no formal irregularity in the use of this money. defray the expenses of fuel, air tickets, hotels and food for the congressman, among other expenses), in addition to the super salaries of 25, 30, 33 thousand Reais per month.
Gasoline at R$ 6,00.
Dollar at R$ 5,50
Any purchase at the grocery store resulting in more than R$ 100,00.
14 million unemployed.

More than half of the population in a state of food insecurity, not knowing if they will have food for their next meals.
More than 550,000 dead due to COVID19.
And the government is debating to triple the electoral fund, so that they can be reelected. People's money, in the middle of the biggest health crisis of the century.
There is no explanation. Brazil should be at a standstill. Nobody can stand so many political privileges anymore.
While people try to survive in Brazil, politicians live by the Norwegian standard.

But we are the ones who pay the price, all of us. It's time to rebel and show that power emanates from the people.


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