There is still hope ?

News 8 de Nov de 2021 ES BR

Man has the ability to declare war against his own kind, but he also has the ability to change himself and see the other as part of himself, to put himself in the place of the other, to feel the pain and happiness of others. We have become so individualistic that we have forgotten our true essence, an essence that is profound and designates the nature of the human being, the way he thinks, feels and acts; our essence is the set of moral and ethical values, something that makes us really human, that humanizes us and differentiates us from animals. Individualism is only necessary when we reflect on ourselves and, understand ourselves to make a personal change, because nobody can change ourselves, it is a decision that starts from the beginning by ourselves. This is a big contemporary problem, being individual is not the problem.

Change is possible and becomes real through self-awareness and self-knowledge, to understand and comprehend the other we must first understand and understand ourselves, question ourselves and through self-reflection find answers to our own questions, know how to recognize our faults and virtues, and strive for some real change. Moreover, change must first come from within ourselves, for when we change, the world changes with us. If we ask ourselves what makes us so individualistic, the answer would be simple, ego. Egocentrism is related to narcissism and selfishness, and means "me at the center", that is, it is a negative characteristic of the human being, present in us since childhood, its formation occurs from the age of 3, where the "I "always comes first;

The egocentric individual lives in a state of social myopia, immersed in a fantasy world where everything revolves around him, moreover, lives in a state of ignorance, because always judging his own opinions and desires better and dogmatic, he ends up alien to new points of view, becoming a prisoner of his own ignorance. One way to start changing this is to stop acting as "I" and start acting as "we" or for "them", thus deconstructing the self-centered and individual thinking and starting a totally new and conscious way of thinking and acting, focused on the common good. Regardless of our beliefs, religions, culture, ethnicity ... we are not here to stab each other, but to contribute to a simultaneous help.

The fight against the ego is an internal and constant war; the elimination of the ego is possible, but first through self-inquiry, it is necessary to identify its forms of manifestation, understand them and only then work on its disintegration. Unfortunately, we live in an extremely egocentric society, but there is something that can be changed, because as long as one of us has hope in humanity, nothing is lost. We, human beings, have the ability to "self-improve" always, all it takes is three basic concepts, will, concentration and effort, from these words is born continuity, and with continuity and a true purpose we can accomplish amazing things that cause within ourselves and within society, an awakening of consciousness by spinning the game on the board.

Therefore, one must not lose hope in humanity, because the very concept of humanity came into being to maintain harmony and make possible a society where everyone can live together, as much as in this dark individualistic social environment where progress is man's insatiable quest, it may seem evil, always the good will prevail and that is what we must invest and believe in because hope is what moves us, hope in the search for full happiness, as long as we have this as our path, things can change, so never give up on your dreams and build your path thinking of the other, because everything we conquer is constituted in the relationship with others.


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