A symbol by itself may not represent anything, but if they all come together, a symbol can mean a lot, it can mean the change of a country.

We are stronger with our partners! #StrongerTogether

Meet EterSec partners!

The Gregg Housh Show

Gregg Housh, one of the early Anonymous, was responsible for organizing Anonymous' first major protest against the Church of Scientology. Longtime activist, Gregg now has a channel on Twitch where he talks about Cyber Activism and Hacker Activism, with several guests, including the participation of Kirtaner - another OG!

Mark Lubbers - Vincit Omnia Veritas

Mark Lubbers is a former hacktivist, an organizer and independent journalist focused on Anonymous operations around the world.

Sakura Samurai

Was founded on December 31st, 2020 as a one of a kind hacking group. In Japanese Culture, Sakura means "Cherry Blossom" and is the symbol of rebirth. The creation of this group is the rebirth of hacking culture.


YourAnonNews has always followed the principles of the Anonymous ideal, it remains one of the strongest fronts in the resistance to oppression.


YourAnonRiots is an activist with a long time on the road, who seeks to bring justice to people wherever they go, always seeking equality and freedom. YourAnonRiots' struggle in activism is based on Anonymous principles, without seeking fame, status or merit, being one of the few collectives to do the pure and real work.


Connecting different Anonymous collectives in Brazil, AnonymousOnBr strongly acts in Brazilian actions and cyber activism.


One of the oldest Brazilian collective, it worked directly in several operations in Brazil and around the world, playing an important role in Anonymous history in Latin America.

Anonymous FUEL

One of the most important Cyber ​​Activist collective in Brazil working in knowledge and social awareness.


The LabDefCon project aims at exposing and giving visibility to Hackers, Cyber ​​​​Activists and Hacker Activists actions in Brazil and around the world. In addition to informing about digital security issues and information leaks.