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We've come so far as species. Look around you now. Whatever you're looking at was probably invented in the last decade or so. If we can build these things. If we can put a man on the moon and declare that we came in peace, then we must use understanding for the good of all humanity, we must go beyond violence to solve problems, to make peace.

We need to get rid of conformism! We need to fight for our rights. What we have seen in recent years, it's a series of abuses committed by governments and corporations against the individual freedom of every human being. And by individual freedom, I mean both physical freedom and, recently, virtual freedom. Both constitute the total freedom of a human being that should be respected, but that is not what is happening.

If you disagree with government policies and take to the streets to make your opinion heard, you will be confronted by the police. If you go against the government's interests on the internet, you are at risk of being censored. The first example we've all witnessed in person or on television. An example of the second case is happening with the WikiLeaks organization. After the site leaked 250,000 confidential documents of American diplomacy on the internet, a conspiracy has been plotted against its founder Julian Assange as laws intended to regulate and, consequently, censor the internet, have been discussed around the globe. This, of course, in countries where they are not yet in force.

In this context we also have CommanderX, who supported and acted for Anonymous for several years of his life and today is imprisoned. CommanderX has risked his entire life in the fight for freedom, even though he is now trapped, his mind is still free. The FBI is supposed to investigate criminal activities, but, like the old Stasi, it also seems to take note of meetings and public statements where the government is criticized. Their arrests and their attacks against us are discredited, they are unsustainable in the world. They have no moral way to defend this policy against us.

The human being was born free, the internet was born free. That's why we fight. Governments seize power from the consensus of the governed, and we will no longer consent. We are not vandals, we fight for our freedom and for what we believe. In schools, squares, streets, factories, fields, we are present. In marches, strikes, occupations, we are present. We have already seen wars, genocides, torture, starvation, unemployment, oppression and all kinds of violations. We will not accept in silence, we believe and fight for another world.

This is an appeal for you to act in solidarity with prisoners around the world, you can do anything, limited only by your imagination. Put some of this vast imagination into action to make people feel your energy and show our collective strength in the revolutionary struggle! Until everyone is free together, we cannot fail. Humanity lives in a time where there are only two options, change or cease to exist.

We chose the path of change and the realization of both physical and virtual demonstrations as means of screaming at injustice. Virtual demonstrations are a new way of fighting that, added to the various forms of fighting already known, will play a big role during this 21st century. We are tired of waiting. For over 2 centuries they have promised us freedom, equality and fraternity, but until today they have only offered us oppression and exploitation.

Enough, we will fight for true independence. We abhor prohibitions, the opposite of freedom; We abhor censorship, information must always be free for all people; We abhor corrupt press organs that fail to report the truth to the people and become puppets of governments, just as we abhor this interference with press freedom promoted by them; We abhor censorship and monitoring of people; We abhor any violation of someone's personal privacy by the state or corporations, no matter what the reason for the violation.

We abhor wars, a macabre game played on a debate table among half a dozen politicians while hundreds of thousands of human beings, whether civilian or military, die on battlefields destroying families and all the life those people would have in front of them; We abhor discrimination, whether ethnic or social.

No justice, no peace!

No justice, no freedom!

Freedom neither makes promises nor fails to fulfill them like justice.

Governments and corporations appropriate planet earth while churches sell the heaven, what's left for us?

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We are here.

We don't forget.

Get up, stand up and fight!


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EterSec is an Anonymous cell based on collective actions and diversity. In the information age, we cannot isolate ourselves, we must unite in the collective construction of a freer future.