Funders of Chaos - The Patriotary Terrorists

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Dear Brazilians,

Since October 30, when Jair Bolsonaro democratically lost the election, we have been following numerous anti-democratic acts in Brazil. Those so called "patriots, good citizens", concerned about the welfare of their families, are having a very busy time.
It is clear that brazilian figures of power support fascism. The patriots blocked roads, set up camps in front of the barracks, prevented patients from reaching their treatments and surgical procedures, made nazi salutes, created lists of "petista's" establishments for boycotts, produced exposed infiltrators to be persecuted,have compromised the supply of food, medicines, fuels, services and other products and, more recently, have deployed a bomb at the airport. Even facing barbarism, they still received escorts in the camps and remained free, causing, as the former minister of the Bolsonaro government, Weintraub, once said about teachers and students: a mess.

They never showed their religious compassion for food being wasted and roadblocks in a country where more than 33 million people dispute carcass in the trash 'cause they have absolutely nothing to eat. And, let's not forget, they didn't felt embarrassed to admit that they use children as shields, trying to intimidate the police. And what did they really said? Oh, yes, to put the kids in front, "for those would not be cowards to advance from there". Which was unnecessary, let's face it, given the obvious omission and appreciation from the police and military in those acts. Speaking of which, where is the Guardianship Council to guarantee the ECA and spare those children all this physical, emotional and psychological stress to which they are being exposed, which can have a significant negative impact on their development?

All this becomes more absurd and unfair when we remember the "special" treatment offered in other manifestations. Teachers, students and workers, when claiming for more rights and a better quality of life, are cowardly assaulted and arrested, while the "good citizens", who call for anti-democratic actions, who do not even know the real reason for being there, are protected, financed and take pictures smiling next to the Army and the MP (Military Police).

Bolsonaro's fight with the electoral system dates back to 2015 when, while still a federal deputy, he was already proposing the printed vote. He never spared any effort in raising questions about the reliability of the ballot boxes, which allowed him to set the stage for the fraud claim if he lost the future election. This, allied to our democracy, which emerged from an unstable cradle and which, up to this day, presents itself as a fragile system, brought us to the fateful day when the brazilian patriot considered it perfectly acceptable to invade and deprecate buildings of the Praça dos Três Poderes, destroying countless objects that carry the memories and history of the country. Our entire legacy as Brazilians.

When we think of the rooted culture of reproduction of U.S. behavior, the Brazilian does not leave to be desired. This week, with horror, but not so much surprised, we witnessed some kind of brazilian version of the invasion of the U.S. Capitol, which occurred after Trump's defeat in 2021. We not only witnessed terrorist acts in the country's main institutions, but we also had confirmation that everything had been orchestrated by powerful people.
The terrorists were able to count on the deliberate negligence of Ibaneis (Federal District Governor), with the support of the Army that made tanks available to defend those terrorists and prevent the Military Police from arresting them, in addition to funding by important personalities and businessmen.

Bolsonaro managed not only to promote the disrespect of the population in relation to the institutions, as well as threw the Military Police and the Army against each other. What president in his right mind develops a government that weakens security agencies? As we have seen in the past exposeds, the list of businessmen and other personalities sponsoring and manipulating such coup acts is extensive. What hasn't yet been exposed are those behind the curtain. Elite figures managing and funding undemocratic acts. Buses and trips to Brasília, supported by leaders and heads of states. People using their finances to inflate something that only incites hatred and imposes movements against democracy.

Among the numerous leaders identified, there are also those involved not only in terrorist acts, but with an extensive history of other crimes and transgressions. One of them stands out, since there are reports of allegedly being involved in cases of rape and pedophilia. For obvious reasons of careful with sensitive information, we will not identify him here. However his identity and reports of the alleged crime will be forwarded to the competent authorities.

Another fact that draws attention is that bolsonarist terrorist used a code to comment and plan the invasion of major government buildings. The term used was "Sister Selma", allusion to the actor Octavio Mendes character. Her character is a "sincere nun", who is not afraid to swear and challenge others.

These people need to be exposed to the population. It is the right of the people to know who the terrorist criminals are and demand that they  respond in court for promoting chaos. And let's not forget that this includes former President Jair Bolsonaro and his clan, because, through hate speech, fake news and fascist conduct, they have spent the last few years sowing the ground.

All this had already been prophesied, warned days before. However, nothing has been done. Which leaves us with important reflections: Why? Is this depredation, disrespect and aggression consistent with patriotism or it is closer to terrorism? Are you in favor of the people, the nation or are the patriots on the front line just puppets in a game where the goals benefits only certain groups? How limited of critical sense are we that we let ourselves be manipulated in this way? Ask yourself: have you been trying to inform yourself before taking as truth any news or comment that comes to you? Given the current scenario, is it possible to believe that those who incite such acts really care about the country?

We don't tolerate terrorism.

We make the bread you eat.

We've filed your documents.

We deliver your orders.

We're everywhere.

We are Anonymous.

We are EterSec!




ABRAHAO VINICIUS BATISTA POSSIDONIO - Criminal Police in the State of Para


TICIANI ROSSI - Professor of the Munical Network and Candidate for State Representative by pl, appointed as leader of the demonstrations in the city of Guarapari-ES

WANDERSON DE PAULA MEDEIROS - Candidate for Alderman 2020 and supported the demonstrations in the city of Linhares-ES

SANDRO LOPES - Broker and Candidate for mayor in the city of São Miguel do Araguai in Goiais. Leadership of blockades in the Rural Area

HERNANI JOSE ALVES - Rural Ist Company

JAMIL EL HOSNI - Candidate for alderman in 2020


RAFAEL LUIZ OTTONI PEIXOTO - President of the Municipal Provisional Commission of the PL responsible for organizing the motorlines in the city of Goianésia




WALDELI DOS SANTOS ROSA - Former Mayor of Costa Rica - MS

ESDRAS JONATAS DOS SANTOS - Entrepreneur and leader of the demonstrations in Belo Horizonte


CRISTINA GARVIL - Businesswoman and Architect

Instagram: cristinagarviloficial


Funded buses

ROBERTO CARLOS DE ABREU - Entrepreneur and leader of the demonstrations in Belo Horizonte

Facebook 1:

Facebook 2: (edited)


Instagram: @drrodrigomafaldo

ITAMAR SCHONS - Entrepreneur

VANIRTO JOSE CONRAD - Alderman São Miguel do Oeste

FRANCISCO DALMORA BURGARDT - Chicão trucker spokesman

LUIS CESAR FUCK - Entrepreneur


SALOMÃO VIEIRA DE JESUS - Gospel singer and leadership SP, is also in Brasilia

RAMIRO ALVES DA ROCHA CRUZ JUNIOR - Ramiro dos Caminhoneiros e Financier


WASHINGTON FERNANDO RODRIGUES - Sergeant of the Military Police


VALMOR GERONIMO FERRO - Businessman in Paraná and was appointed by PM-PR as one of the leaders of the protests in Curitiba

ROBSON LEANDRO CALISTRO - Entrepreneur and Leadership Cia Norte Paraná

CLAUDIA VARELLA COSTA PERNOMIAN - Leadership of the Demonstrations in Paraná

RANIERI ALBERTON MARCHIORO - Candidate for State Deputy of Paraná and is leader of the Demonstrations in Foz do Iguaçu in Paraná

CLAUDIO CESAR MATTOS PAIVA - Candidate for Governor-ES

FLAVIO DA SILVA POLONINI - Shooting and leadership instructor at Espirito Santo

TALES CARDOSO MACHADO - Businessman who owns a bakery

PEDRO SANCHES ROJA NETO - Entrepreneur and Leadership in Goiás

LEONARDO RODRIGUES DE JESUS SOARES - Former Councillor in São Miguel do Araguaia

MARCELO THADEU PENHA CARDOSO - Civil Police Investigator

CLAUDIO ROGERIO SILVA RAPOSO - Candidate for State Deputy Maranhão in 2022

VILMAR LUIZ VICINIESCKI - First Retired Lieutenant of Rio Grande do Sul and Leadership of the Rio Grande do Sul Demonstrations

EZEQUIEL VARGAS RODRIGUES - Coordinator of the Right Movement of Rio Grande do Sul and supporter of terrorist acts

LUCIANO LORENZINI ZUCCO - Federal Deputy of Rio Grande do Sul and Lieutenant Colonel and Leadership of the rio grande do sul demonstrations

MARIANA DOERNTE LESCANO - Prison And Organizing Agent and supporter of the rio grande do sul protests

PATRICIO JARDIM ANTUNES - Inspector of civil police, alderman in the city of Dom Pedrito in Rio Grande do Sul

José Ivanildo de Moura Junior - Pastor, Encouraging terrorist act and State Deputy Pernambuco

Erica Clarissa Borba Cordeiro - State Deputy Pernambuco - encouraging terrorist act and Married to José Ivanildo de Moura Junior

Loui Parma Carvalho - Coach and Entrepreneur


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