General Walter Braga Netto

Leakes 18 de Ago de 2021 BR ES

(Transcription from the video)
General Walter Braga Netto was once Chief Minister of the Civil House, he was like an "operational president", basically we had a military junta ordering the government... Today he is the Minister of Defense. He was called to command as a federal intervention framework in Rio de Janeiro during the government of Michel Temer, which led to a significant increase in deaths during shootings and records of armed conflicts in Rio's communities.

A contract worth R$ 40 million (US$ 8 million) was signed by the General during the intervention period and it is under investigation by an administrative process in the federal government, the agreement was signed by Braga Netto with the company CTU Security in 2018, an American company that places itself as extreme right wing and ridicules the Black Live Matters movement using the slogan “Blue Lives Matters” “All Lives Matters” as a way of misrepresenting the struggle of black people in the US.

This is not a surprise, as his stance and support for the Bolsonaro government is public knowledge. Braga Netto proves to be a great aspirant to dictatorial governments, his declarations in support of the dictatorship of 1964 are not new, which he defends and says needs to be understood and celebrated in his open letter entitled "Agenda Alluding to March 31 of 1964". During an interview on September 5, 2018, Braga Netto again alluded to military power as a pacifier of conflicts in the country and even claimed to have more popular approval than any politician in power.

His intention and position regarding the political scenario in the country is clear, being a military man who wears political clothes acting as a threat to the democratic state and with a new affirmed strategy that if printed and auditable vote is not adopted in the 2022 elections, he will take measures involving the armed forces. - In Brazil the election is 100% electronic. There are no paper ballots -  This is an insult to democracy and to the people who fought so hard against such oppressive and fascist actions. Fascism is a lurking enemy and needs to be fought and exposed, its agents cannot go unpunished, so General Walter Souza Braga Netto, watch us from behind your desk, we will not remain silent in the face of our freedom and rights.

We are not afraid of governments.
We are not afraid of militias.
We are not afraid of fascists.
Those who seek absolute power and to oppress the people...  
Don't you dare to continue.  
We know about you.  
We are anonymous.  
We are legion.  
We do not forget.  
We do not forgive.  
Expect us.

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