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Operations 19 de Set de 2021 ES BR

Osmar Gasparini Terra is a doctor who graduated from Federal University from Rio de Janeiro and is appointed by the Congress Investigation Commitee of Covid-19 as the parallel Minister of Health, head of the "parallel cabinet" of that government, and responsible for spreading lies and disinformation to the public.
Osmar Terra's story is full of contradictions. In addition to being an anti-science "doctor" and ex-communist, Terra is perhaps the weirdest case of Stockholm Syndrome ever reported. His former partner, Monica Tolipan, was tortured by none other than Colonel Brilhante Ustra, President Bolsonaro's idol for whom Terra constantly humiliates himself.

Osmar Terra is in his sixth term as federal House Representative and was even quoted to replace the former Health Minister Luis Henrique Mandetta simply because he shares the denial of the head of state.
During most of these nearly two years of pandemic, one of Osmar Terra's main functions was to be a kind of government quack Nostradamus. Almost every week Terra was in some media predicting that the pandemic would end miraculously in an interval ranging from a few weeks to two months, predictions that failed miserably!

Another role that Terra eagerly played was that of promoting ineffective "early treatment," citing biased and easily refutable studies. The evil ideas suggested by Terra and his partners in crime, Dr. Nize Yamaguchi and Dr. Mayra Pinheiro were the driving force for experiments worthy of Nazi Germany as in the case of Manaus and the experiments of Prevent Senior. In both cases, doctors were forced to prescribe experimental treatment with Chloroquine, Ivermectin and even Whey protein to patients who were used as guinea pigs without their consent.
In his testimony to Covid's Investigation, Terra defended herd immunity against vaccines. The "parallel cabinet" plan was to use Manaus as a test balloon to show that herd immunity would be an option, but what they achieved was a collapse in the health care system, lack of oxygen and thousands of needless deaths.

After being included as an investigated in Covid's Investigation, Terra tried to change tactics and has recently been speaking highly of the vaccine on his social networks. Unfortunately the sudden change of speech came too late Mr. Osmar Terra and at the cost of thousands of lives and broken families. The people you helped to kill are our sons and daughters, our fathers and mothers, our grandfathers and grandmothers, our brothers and sisters...

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