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The CEO of FIB Bank, Roberto Pereira Ramos, denied having commercial relations with Marcos Tolentino, appointed as the "hidden owner" of the company, during his testimony to the Congress Investigations and with the owner of Precisa Medicines, Francisco Maximiano. FIB Bank was used by Precisa as a guarantor in the Ministry of Health contract for the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

The testimony raised suspicions at the Congress that Roberto Ramos would be just an "puppet" administrator of the company, as he said he was unaware of some of the main characters in the negotiation and was unable to inform data about the company he presides over. He also denied FIB Bank relations with the government leader in the House, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), investigated by the commission.

The company appeared as guarantor of R$ 80.7 million of the contract for the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin, brokered by the company in the Ministry of Health. 20 million doses traded at R$1.6 billion. In the term of contracting the vaccine, there was the obligation of a guarantee in the amount of 5% of the total contracted. The purchase ended up canceled by the ministry, before being paid, after allegations of irregularities in the process.


The testimony exposed alleged fraud at FIB Bank. Two people appointed as partners of the company filed a lawsuit claiming they had never participated in the organization. In addition, two partners from another company, MB Guassu, which would have a stake in FIB Bank, are dead.

The senators insisted on asking who the real owner of the company is, pointing to Tolentino, linked to Ricardo Barros, but there was no answer. According to the deponent, Tolentino would have a power of attorney to represent only one FIB Bank shareholder, Ricardo Benetti. "The power of attorney is given to represent Mr. Ricardo Benetti, not the FIB," said Ramos.

One of the alleged creators of FIB Bank, Geraldo Rodrigues Machado, sent audios to the Congress Investigators claiming to have been a victim of fraud. Machado reported that he found out that his name was used to compose the company's partnership when he was denied credit when he tried to finance a motorcycle. "My signatures seen in some documents were falsified and my name was listed as an active partner", said Machado, a resident of Pão de Açúcar (AL), known as "Big Geraldo".

FIB BANK is a key player in the COVID scandals in Brazil. That's why we are adding this “company/bank” to our actions.

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