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News 25 de Jan de 2022 BR ES

          Greetings citizens of the world.
          Greetings, citizens of Brazil.

We take this site once again to remember this day: https://brumadinho.mg.gov.br/

In 2019 the world witnessed the second biggest ecological disaster in the history of Brazil. One of the biggest in the world. The Dam Rupture in Brumadinho caused permanent damage to the environment and local society. It also took the lives of 270 people. Most of them were workers of Vale, the company responsible for the dam.

Some people consider this to be the biggest work accident in the history of Brazil.

We don't agree.
This was not an accident.

This was criminal negligence and the dehumanization of workers. After all, human lives are cheaper and easily replaceable for those who exploit the labor. Safety should be good enough only for an eventual inspection. The same goes for the environment.

Families continue to suffer the loss of their loved ones and are still without justice.

Those who disregarded the warnings of danger remain free and unpunished. The executives, who are no longer defendants because of the bureaucracy of the Brazilian judicial system, should not spend a single sleepless night thinking about those who died, but those who have to suffer with the pain of loss on a daily basis will never forget.

This reminds us of the 6 victims who are still missing. Their families are still waiting to this day for the opportunity to at least bury their loved ones. However, these people are what has been called "The Buried Alive by Vale". We have not forgotten their names:

             Cristiane Antunes Campos
              Olímpio Gomes Pinto
            Maria de Lurdes da Costa Bueno
            Nathália de Oliveira Porto Araújo
               Luís Felipe Alves
             Tiago Tadeu Mendes da Silva

These names should be engraved at the entrance of every Vale office. But for them, as long as there are miserable people to replace the fallen workers, life will be worth nothing.

To the murderers of Vale, and the institutions that work day and night to ensure their impunity, we leave a warning:

What occurred in Brumadinho will not fall into oblivion!

We will not forget.
We will not forgive.
Wait for us.

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