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News 11 de Ago de 2021 BR ES

The entertainment industry is nothing more than a machine to capture wills and thoughts on a large scale, which leads to an ever-increasing dependence on corporations. Capitalism has only one goal, "sell and make money" and if it has to make half the planet dependent on zombies to do it, it will do it without a problem. There are more and more services to keep the "people's" mind entertained. We've been talking a lot about corporate social networks and the need to keep feeding the mind day after day with tweets, favors, likes, etc., but I don't think we've analyzed the focus.

In the world of free software and digital activism we always use the slogan "we don't want to be consumers, we want to be creators" to differentiate ourselves from those we believed to be zombies of the body, this example of technological "superiority" that we always boast has done a bad service to the free software world. Today, contrary to what it may seem, young people who approach technology don't just want to be consumers, they also want to be creators. The problem is that they are locked in cages designed by corporations, where all the doors open with the same key they manufacture.

Companies bring technology closer to young people to trap them in their network of personalized, corporate services, make bombastic advertisements telling them that they will be able to create a world of color with their tools, devices, gadgets, but what do they really do it's filling their minds with corporate concepts and a single creative vision (the one that allows them to create their products).

But the problem is not the consumers, because it's absurd to blame the victim for falling into the hands of their captors, when for years they've had a master plan, with government and mass media approval, to keep the population hooked, the Free software's world has a lot to offer, but for that, people have to move away from radicalized one-way views and think from a more pragmatic and omnidirectional point of view.

Free software has a thousand tools that would please anyone, let's not keep it to ourselves, we have to make them known, talk about them, inculcate them. Currently, corporate "entertainment" has multiple tentacles to keep society locked in, but when you see someone spending more time on a free tool to draw vector graphics like Inkscape instead of their cell phone, you know the battle is not lost yet.

Who knows, maybe if we do a little self-criticism and know how to adapt to the times, maybe people will go from marathons to Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. (each chapter lasts an average of 45m), to mix the Blender, Krita, Gimp in your spare time, install Gnu/Linux systems on your mobile devices and tablets or make your own music mixes, we just have to give them the blueprints, the mold to create its own "keys" not only to get out of the cage, in which surveillance capitalism confines us, but to open the doors of the mind that transports us and allows us to imagine other places, from where to transform our society.


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